3 Key Traits Employers Look for Besides Job Qualifications

I’ve come up with three key personality traits employers look for when selecting a prospective employee. Hiring managers want to know what you can do besides contribute the necessary experience. They need someone who is going to be engaged and active on the job. Here are the traits that I think are most important:

1. Charisma- People with charisma are usually bustling with energy! They seem driven and self-aware. In other words, employers want people with personal qualities that really stand out.
2. Self-Motivated- Those who are self-motivated have clear plans for their lives. They can easily tell you about their short-term and long-term goals.
3. Integrity- Employers find out about a person’s integrity by asking questions about their character and finding out how they would respond to a series of social interactions. Is this person known to do the right thing?
These are some personal qualities employers may be looking for in an ideal candidate. Remember, companies are looking for positive additions to their teams and need to stay ahead of the competition. Be ready to display these characteristics to impress your potential employer. Show them that the decision to hire you will benefit them in ways unimaginable.

What else are you doing to stay ahead of the competition?

Best Wishes,

Ms. B

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10 Essentials for Work-at-Home Business Success

These are just a handful of basic tools I use in daily operations as a freelance copywriter. They can be used for any new work-at-home business.

1. INTERNET – The world at your fingertips!

2. LAPTOP– (or other surfing device). Good for staying organized and also keeping a schedule.

3. BOOKS – Here is where you learn what’s possible. Educate yourself. Don’t wait around. Get to the library. Pick up a magazine. Find some downloads.

4. MUSIC –Good for the soul and great for when you’re taking a break.  Music can also be used for inspiration.

5. GOALS – Write them down! What are your long (5+ years), medium (1-5 years), and short- (1 month – 1 year) range goals? Do you have a list of mini goals for the day? Here is a list of other goals to consider:

-Personal development goals

-Recognition goals

-Career goals

-Relationship goals

-Community goals

-Recreational goals

-Material goals

6. A PERSONAL INVENTORY – What’s your character? What are your values? What motivates you? What drives you?  What are your long-term and short-term ambitions? What are your fears? How will you impact the world? What is your niche? Create a list and print it out so you can see your goals in front of you.

7. WRITING SKILLS– This is your gift. Exercise your gift and don’t take it for granted. In ancient times, only the privileged where allowed to write and read. Now you can do it to help you make money.  Whether you’re just using Twitter or emailing an important contact, writing skills are important in business. Welcome to cyberspace.

8. PLATFORM– Using your creative genius and your writing, this is where you put it all down at. The platform covers many facets like the essence of your personal brand, the business plan, and mediums where you’ll share your art. Get a website and domain name if you haven’t yet.

9. A CRYSTAL BALL –  to help visualize and create; as well as develop and edit.

10. HIDDEN TREASURES – Like the great ideas working as a team can conjure up. Goldmines you would have never thought of yourself.  Get out and network with others in your industry. You don’t have to do everything yourself.

These are all the elements that keep my business running smoothly. What are your home office must-haves?

Ms. B

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Choosing between money and meaning

What a great post. I’ve been struggling with this for quite some time. At the end of the day I found that meaning will be trumped by money so you might as well incorporate it into your motives and your cause before you find yourself in distress


When did it become the middle class dream to quit your well paid job and open up a little artisan coffee shop in the slightly dingy part of town? I can’t count the number of people who have confessed this secret fantasy to me recently, and I know one person who has bitten the bullet to make it happen. It’s easy to see the allure. Especially for Generation Y (of which I am just on the verge) who have grown up with the expectation that work should be a rewarding and empowering pursuit, not a ball and chain around your neck.

This is partly because the wealthy western world is moving higher up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s no longer enough for jobs to provide money, security and status. Now many of us are looking for careers which help us grow as people and reach our full potential. And that…

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This poem has lots of depth. You’d never dream of the actual adventures, connections, business opportunities, insights, and knowledge that are to be gained from the ‘blogosphere.’ I love how this post speaks a certain identifiable language that seems to resonate with me intimately. I blog because writing has proven to be an immensely satisfying art for me. I also do it for a sense of community. I’ve found an outlet to utilize what I know while continuing to add to my skills and obtain information.


Seven a.m.
Sitting at my Mac,
I check email,
click on blog notices.

Peter walks by.
“What’s happening
in the Blogosphere?”
he says.

“Oh, Madame Weebles
just got Freshly Pressed,
Le Clown was featured
on The Daily Post,
Clare went to Edinburgh,
Brigitte came back
from Woodstock,
and LameAdventures
is taking a break.”

“That’s nice,” he says.
Doesn’t know
the details,
but knows it’s
important to me.

Each day starts
with blogging.
More than writing posts,
I read,

Sometimes, one comment,
sometimes back and forth.
It takes time
for me and them.

I don’t click “like”
unless I’ve read the post.
And I”d rather go
to their website
to click.
It raises their hits.

I’ll write a poem,
post a quote,
compose an essay.
Then go to my files.
find the right shot,
upload that.

Or create a mandala
on Painter,

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Needed Inspiration

Balancing reponsibilities and writing huh? It is quite tough because the great moment of inspiration that you need most likely won’t come right between the hours of 9 and 10 AM that you’ve scheduled to get some work done. You may be having problems with inspiration at that particular time. I found this to be a good post because writing about your frustration can be just as beneficial to your repertoire as anything else. The life lessons of the person or artist can be more impactful than the art itself sometimes. Keep doing what you love- it is of the utmost importance. I utillize this quote as a mantra:

“It is best to have 100 percent belief in yourself and the work you do, otherwise there is a chance it may take longer to reach the destination you are striving to arrive at.”
I do not encourage you to fail in your academics though. You might have to sacrifice some sleep but with your level of creativity and intuitiveness- I am sure you’ll find the right place and the right time to handle everything so it all works out. Be enthusiastic about making yourself a success.


My worst problem today? Inspiration. Oh, I hate it so much. And that’s not something I’d ever think I would be saying.

Really, it’s not the inspiration that’s bothering me. How could it be? No, this is something completely different. It’s life that’s been getting to me.

I wake up. Like normal. I didn’t die in the night, thankfully. Not that I thought I would, but at least I know I’m accounted for. After my amazing relationship with my bed has been rudely interrupted by my alarm clock, I have to go through my usual, every day routine of getting ready. What’s not standard today is my level of inspiration.

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Uncertainty As Authors

We all face uncertainty as to whether our goals will manifest according to plan and if our ideas will stick out well enough amongst the competition. As authors we share a common thread- we want to have our voices heard and make an impact. Some people struggle with this while some writers just make it look so easy!

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