Needed Inspiration

Balancing reponsibilities and writing huh? It is quite tough because the great moment of inspiration that you need most likely won’t come right between the hours of 9 and 10 AM that you’ve scheduled to get some work done. You may be having problems with inspiration at that particular time. I found this to be a good post because writing about your frustration can be just as beneficial to your repertoire as anything else. The life lessons of the person or artist can be more impactful than the art itself sometimes. Keep doing what you love- it is of the utmost importance. I utillize this quote as a mantra:

“It is best to have 100 percent belief in yourself and the work you do, otherwise there is a chance it may take longer to reach the destination you are striving to arrive at.”
I do not encourage you to fail in your academics though. You might have to sacrifice some sleep but with your level of creativity and intuitiveness- I am sure you’ll find the right place and the right time to handle everything so it all works out. Be enthusiastic about making yourself a success.


My worst problem today? Inspiration. Oh, I hate it so much. And that’s not something I’d ever think I would be saying.

Really, it’s not the inspiration that’s bothering me. How could it be? No, this is something completely different. It’s life that’s been getting to me.

I wake up. Like normal. I didn’t die in the night, thankfully. Not that I thought I would, but at least I know I’m accounted for. After my amazing relationship with my bed has been rudely interrupted by my alarm clock, I have to go through my usual, every day routine of getting ready. What’s not standard today is my level of inspiration.

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