This poem has lots of depth. You’d never dream of the actual adventures, connections, business opportunities, insights, and knowledge that are to be gained from the ‘blogosphere.’ I love how this post speaks a certain identifiable language that seems to resonate with me intimately. I blog because writing has proven to be an immensely satisfying art for me. I also do it for a sense of community. I’ve found an outlet to utilize what I know while continuing to add to my skills and obtain information.


Seven a.m.
Sitting at my Mac,
I check email,
click on blog notices.

Peter walks by.
“What’s happening
in the Blogosphere?”
he says.

“Oh, Madame Weebles
just got Freshly Pressed,
Le Clown was featured
on The Daily Post,
Clare went to Edinburgh,
Brigitte came back
from Woodstock,
and LameAdventures
is taking a break.”

“That’s nice,” he says.
Doesn’t know
the details,
but knows it’s
important to me.

Each day starts
with blogging.
More than writing posts,
I read,

Sometimes, one comment,
sometimes back and forth.
It takes time
for me and them.

I don’t click “like”
unless I’ve read the post.
And I”d rather go
to their website
to click.
It raises their hits.

I’ll write a poem,
post a quote,
compose an essay.
Then go to my files.
find the right shot,
upload that.

Or create a mandala
on Painter,

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  1. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Black Artisan,
    I replied to you on my site, but just wanted to thank you again for the reblog here.

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