10 Essentials for Work-at-Home Business Success

These are just a handful of basic tools I use in daily operations as a freelance copywriter. They can be used for any new work-at-home business.

1. INTERNET – The world at your fingertips!

2. LAPTOP– (or other surfing device). Good for staying organized and also keeping a schedule.

3. BOOKS – Here is where you learn what’s possible. Educate yourself. Don’t wait around. Get to the library. Pick up a magazine. Find some downloads.

4. MUSIC –Good for the soul and great for when you’re taking a break.  Music can also be used for inspiration.

5. GOALS – Write them down! What are your long (5+ years), medium (1-5 years), and short- (1 month – 1 year) range goals? Do you have a list of mini goals for the day? Here is a list of other goals to consider:

-Personal development goals

-Recognition goals

-Career goals

-Relationship goals

-Community goals

-Recreational goals

-Material goals

6. A PERSONAL INVENTORY – What’s your character? What are your values? What motivates you? What drives you?  What are your long-term and short-term ambitions? What are your fears? How will you impact the world? What is your niche? Create a list and print it out so you can see your goals in front of you.

7. WRITING SKILLS– This is your gift. Exercise your gift and don’t take it for granted. In ancient times, only the privileged where allowed to write and read. Now you can do it to help you make money.  Whether you’re just using Twitter or emailing an important contact, writing skills are important in business. Welcome to cyberspace.

8. PLATFORM– Using your creative genius and your writing, this is where you put it all down at. The platform covers many facets like the essence of your personal brand, the business plan, and mediums where you’ll share your art. Get a website and domain name if you haven’t yet.

9. A CRYSTAL BALL –  to help visualize and create; as well as develop and edit.

10. HIDDEN TREASURES – Like the great ideas working as a team can conjure up. Goldmines you would have never thought of yourself.  Get out and network with others in your industry. You don’t have to do everything yourself.

These are all the elements that keep my business running smoothly. What are your home office must-haves?

Ms. B

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