Ms. Brittany holds rank amongst a group of medicine women and men with her main focus being on feeding the intellect of her audience and/or clients. She knows that nature and ancient remedies have cures and possibilities for healing for almost every illness science and modern medicine is trying to keep up with. She promotes consciousness because she knows that positive thoughts and kind deeds grow like seeds and humanity as a whole can accomplish great feats if we start addressing nature and the universe as a living, bio-spiritual being that is a conglomerate of many intelligences besides ourselves. She has knowledge/experience in many areas of the occult through self scholarship, including : Shamanism, Alchemy, Metaphysics, Divination, Law of Attraction, Kundalini/Chakras, and Untold history. Operating as CEO of Livelymeeh, Inc., Ms. Daniels’ other titles include: Founder of the Bio-Spiritual Centre for Healing Humanity & Metaphysical Studies; Elohim; Mambo (High Priestess) ; Medium; Master Teacher.


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